How to Buy Bira Shares

There are multiple methods that are available in the market to invest in the Bira Shares. You can invest via Unlisted brokers in the market or you can contact any investor who is looking to sell these shares.

Bira is still a loss-making company, but VC firms like Sequoia, Sofina are not pushovers. It feels nice that an Indian brand is creating ripples outside of India too. Ashneer Grover, the founder of Bharat-Pe has also invested in this startup.

If you see the revenue growth, the company’s revenue has increased from 50 Crores in 2016 to ~1000(estimated) in 2022. And, Bira is one of the largest consumer brands to emerge in India in the last one decade.

In the last year, Bira has raised ~100 Million Dollars in funding and that is too in the covid-19 time which shows how much faith investors have in the business model of the Bira.

Bira Share Price in the unlisted market is Rs.900 per share and they have roughly ~6 Crores shares outstanding, this leads to the valuation of ~5400 Crores in the unlisted market.

In the Indian market, currently Bira Share has a 6% market share. The largest beer maker is KingFisher with ~50% market share. That means every 2nd beer sold in the Indian market is Kingfisher. Bira is basically trying to capture the market in the craft beer market. However, later, Bira is getting competition from local brewers (esp Bangalore, NCR), Simba, White Owl (Som Distilleries, listed one of the partners).

Outlook and Summary which may affect Bira Share Price

a) Industry is showing signs of rapid recovery.
b) Q2FY22 was the best one for the beer industry in over 6 quarters.
The industry recovered from its lows in Q2Fy22 and was closest to pre-Covid levels than ever before.
c) Growth was driven by a rapid expansion into new markets. Bira Share is now a truly national player. d) The international footprint continues to grow aggressively as well (currently in 16 countries & an additional four in the pipeline for the year). This has resulted in a solid gain in the market share – tripled from pre-Covid levels.
e) They are Driving better EBITDA margins through recovery in NR/CE, better material margins, and synergies in fixed costs.
f) Awarded at the prestigious “World Beer Awards”. Light, Gold, and White each won taste awards, and both Gold and Light won design awards too.
g) Launch of first 360-degree brand campaign – Make Play with Flavors

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